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In recent times though, there has been increasing discussion on mental health, both off-screen and on-screen. Actress Shruti Haasan has often spoken about the need to look after mental health, especially in the time of the pandemic. Stressing on the need for professional guidance in such cases, the actress says she has been in therapy when she was younger and yet, being a part of an industry that can frequently be high on the stress factor, she still feels inadequate on many days. Shruti Haasan feels it is important to be aware if someone needs help over mental health and not brush the issue under the carpet with an 'I am fine' attitude. In a recent conversation, she told, 'Mental health is really simple and really complex at the same time. I always use this example that if you have a stomach ache, you will have ajwain or yogurt and avoid spicy stuff on the first day. On the second day you will say, 'ok, let me take medicine', but on the third day when you are still in pain, you will go to the doctor and seek help. At that point no one in your family says, 'hum hai, tum doctor ke paas kyun ja rahe ho' (we are here, why would you need a doctor)?' Watch the video for more details.

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